Our Family’s History

My Auntie passed a month ago .
She was 97 and had lived alone.
As I helped my family sort her belongings,
we came across a little brown box.
In there we found the remnants of some old photographs.
Many were badly damaged, torn or faded.
They all contained events from the past that had shaped our family today.

I felt sad at the thought that these secrets of our past were destined to become landfill.
I retrieved as much as I could and restored them so that my family could reflect on their past.

Remember yesterday to appreciate today.

Reminiscing the past

I met a woman while I was shopping.
She was having difficulty reaching for a box of biscuits in the back
corner of a shelf.
I helped her out and we struck up a conversation.
She told me that her mother had passed a few weeks ago and
that she and her brother were sorting through her mothers belongings.
Amongst the clothing and linen was an old suitcase containing
hundreds of photographs of her family over 100 years ago.
Her great grandfather had been an avid photographer and had captured wonderful scenes from the
1900’s and of the first world war.

The past is the foundation for our future.
The evidence of those unique memories from our past sadly disappear
by the thousands daily often ending up as landfill at the local rubbish tip.

A photographs message is to “Remember me always”