Restoring the captured past

I restore Photographs in Adelaide and
often work with photographs that are 100 years plus.

These photographs were taken at a time where photography was evolving
and I love to work with them.

To create a photograph a 100 years ago, wasn’t just a casual event.
The photographer, wether he or she be a professional or hobbyist,
took this craft very seriously. It was a time where ‘quality’ out weighed quantity.
The taking of a photograph was a serious matter and the photographer spent his
or her time creating a quality rendition and the expressions on the faces of the people
in those photographs often didn’t smile.
The technology was new and the field of photography specialised.
The ‘depth of field’, ‘focus’ and clarity’ of a photograph never ceases to amaze me.

Restore that old faded photograph.
There is truly more there than the eye can see.

Photo Restoration

Renew and Replenish
My home is in Adelaide, South Australia, but you can be anywhere.
I’m just an email, message text or a phone call away.
Or if you shy away from technology, the ability to post a letter is still in vogue  🙂

Do you remember those happier times inspired by that damaged photograph ?
Is the photograph meaningful to you or to others ?

Restore it. 

    “Remember me always”